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Issue 148

Redis scaling at Facebook, streams data type, Redis protocol on erlang...

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Issue 155

String vs Hash memory comparison results, aof-rs a nice tool for filtering aof files, redis_memtop: display memory usage of redis keys...

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Salvatore Sanfilippo (antirez)
Creator or Redis

Thanks for Redis Weekly!

Tony Brown
Web developer

I love Redis Weekly!


Tightly crafted developer oriented online real-time administration and monitoring service for Redis.

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James Jackson
Cloud Architect

Great content, always really interesting posts, keep up the great work!


Easiest way to embed charts in email or bot. 1 url = 1 chart

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James Gorlick

I look forward to each week's digest of the community around Redis. Rock on RedisWeekly!

Dmitry Kozhedubov

Nice articles for everyone interested in Redis.


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Manuel Meurer
Kraut Computing

Keep it up with RedisWeekly, it a great resource for me!