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redis weekly Issue #138
Mar 25 2016


Access Azure Redis Cache with an API App

This article shows how setup to access data in Redis Cache from an Azure API App. For our Azure readers, don't forget Redsmin also support Redis from Azure!

Amazon ElastiCache now comes with easy engine upgrades for Redis

You can now easily upgrade the engine version on your existing ElastiCache for Redis clusters to utilize Amazon ElastiCache enhancements, including increased usable memory, improved synchronization and more efficient failovers.
Oh! And we updated our step by step tutorial on how to connect ElastiCache Redis instances to Redsmin GUI. Don't hesitate to send us your feedback or if you need any help!

Different tests to verify Redis Cluster functionality in terms of distributed systems theory

  • CAP Theorem tests for consistency and availability during network partitions
  • simulate a network partition
  • kill a redis node
  • manual failover
  • session blocking tests

redis-api - A redis API for use with Slack

Every wanted to run /redis command from slack? Now you can!


Redis PubSub in Ruby - Beginners Guide

A very deep introduction to Redis in Ruby.

Code and libraries

xlator - translation service prototype that is backed by Redis

Interesting experiment, here is the exposed routes:
  • GET /translation/source/{src}/target/{target}/text/{text}
  • GET /translation/target/{target}/text/{text}
  • GET /translation/source/{src}/targets/{targets}/text/{text}
  • GET /translation/targets/{targets}/text/{text}
  • POST /translations
  • DELETE /translations/source/{src}/target/{target}/text/{text}

go-redis-ratelimiter - Simple thread-safe go ratelimiter library with redis backend

// increment rate limit usage for given key that is allowed 10 requests per second
limitCtx, err := ratelimiter.Incr(utils.Redis, "mykey", 10, time.Second)

if err != nil {
    // do something

// limitCtx contains all necessary data for ratelimiter state
if limitCtx.Reached() {
    // code to handle over the limit logic


This can be used for dispatching each incoming message into multiple parallel output queues.
In practice, some "publisher" pushes a message onto a Redis list. This service pops those messages, and pushes each message onto multiple lists, one for each subscriber. Each subscriber pops messages from their own dedicated Redis list.

go-redis-pubsub - specialized Go client for Redis pub/sub

This library is currently used to support real-time high-throughput messaging between server instances when the expected channel count is large and the subscription pattern is very dynamic.

redissolve: Distributed data structures and operations over symmetric redis clusters

Still a work in progress but a very promising library, written in Java.

docker-redis: A very well documented Redis docker build

koa-jwt-redis-session: Pure JWT implementation using Redis as session storage for Koa 2, without any cookies

resper: A parser for RESP (REdis Serialization Protocol) in JavaScript

resp: Reader, Writer, and Server implementation for the Redis RESP Protocol in Go

redisc - A Go redis cluster client built on top of redigo

The design goal of redisc is to be as compatible as possible with the redigo package. As such, the Cluster type can be used as a drop-in replacement to a redis.Pool, and the connections returned by the cluster implement the redis.Conn interface. The package offers additional features specific to dealing with a cluster that may be needed for more advanced scenarios.

eventilator: A CLI tool for relaying Sentinel events (e.g. to stack)

This utility runs under two modes: eventilator and reconfigurator. Both modes relay or record certain Sentinel events (e.g. slave promotion). Events can then be published into slack or something else.

Redis Weekly

A free, once–weekly e-mail round-up of Redis news, articles, tools and libraries.

ONE e-mail each Friday. Easy unsubscribe. No spam — your e-mail address is safe.