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redis weekly Issue #148
Jun 6 2016


Remixdb - A fully distributed NoSQL database, built on the Redis protocol

This library is in a very early alpha, so it's highly unstable and untested. Breaking changes are very likely. Use at your own peril :)
Conceptually thinking of every key-value as an Actor/Erlang Process, offers many advantages, besides the obvious disadvantage of being constrained by the number of processes we can spawn in a single BEAM instance. Here are some:
- Clustering and sharding: It's a lot easier cloning a process on a different node in the cluster.
- Fault Tolerance: Being able to bring back a key-value process when it goes down based on some last known state is trivial.
- Parallelism: Having each unit of computation be it's own Erlang process means we get to take full advantage of all cores in the cluster.

Redis Change Proposals 11 - The stream data type

An Redis Change Proposals by antirez about a possible futur Redis stream data type.


Docker Swarm Part II • Rescheduling Redis

This post focus on deploying a Redis container and testing out the current state of the experimental rescheduling feature of Docker swarm.

Azure Redis Cache May 2016 update

Over the last few months, the Azure Redis Cache team has released a number of enhancements to the service.

Amazon ElastiCache Update – Export Redis Snapshots to Amazon S3

Extending the Redis database

A 10 minute discussion with Redis creator Salvatore Sanfilippo about Redis’ new module system.


Redis at PlayBuzz - Chen Salamon

Playbuzz is a 3 years old startup with hundreds of millions of page views per month. We are able to serve this scale with less than 5 servers in production. In this session, we will share some of the secrets of how to leverage Redis, with RedisLabs to keep the infrastructure cost as low as possible, ensure maximum uptime, performance and scalability. We will also show a nice using of Redis for enrichment in ETL process using sortedsets for millions of events every hour.

10M metrics/sec stats collecting with Redis - Yoav Steinberg

In this session Redis Lab's Cluster Architect overviews an internal system for statistics collection built on top of Redis.

Scalable search with Redis - Dvir Volk

Redis excels at fetching keys' data, but it can also be made into an extremely powerful and scalable search engine that performs queries on the data itself. In this session we'll demo how you can do it and discuss the engine's design and operation principles.

Redis @ Facebook - Guy Yonish

An overview of how Facebook uses Redis for solving two real challenges, managing user configuration and stats processing.

Redis, 7 years and more - Salvatore Sanfilippo

A keynote session from Redis' creator and lead dev, who presents the database's evolution over the years and overviews the newest features from the latest v3.2 release.

Horizontally scaled data processing architecture using Redis - Ophir Hordan

JFrog Bintray, the leading distribution platform, is build to scale. In order to achieve horizontally scaling of a micro services architecture it utilizing Redis as core part of the solution. In this talk we will cover the way JFrog Bintray uses Redis and Twemproxy as the basic building block in its architecture to provide redundancy, load balancing and data sharding, and the way to manage them in a container based production environment.

Code and libraries

Redis Client for COM+

cluster-key-slot: Generates CRC hashes for strings - for use by node redis clients to determine key slots

A cluster key slot calculator for node redis clients e.g. node_redis and ioredis. This also handles key tags such as somekey{actualTag}.

BusQue: Command Queue and Scheduler for PHP7 and Redis

The name BusQue signifies Command Bus + Message Queue. It was designed to be used in conjunction with Tactician and Redis using the Predis client, along with a serializer such as PHP serialize(), JMS Serializer or MessagePack, but is open to replacement with alternate adapters.
One key feature I found missing in other queues is the ability to assign a unique ID to a job, allowing the same job to be queued multiple times but have it only execute once after the last insertion.

RediSearch: FullText Search module for redis

Redisearch impements a search engine on top of redis, but unlike other redis search libraries, it does not use internal data structures like sorted sets.
This allows much faster performance, significantly less memory consumption, and more advanced features like exact phrase matching, that are not possible with traditional redis search approaches.

miniredis: Pure Go Redis server for Go unittests

Sometimes you want to test code which uses Redis, without making it a full-blown integration test. Miniredis implements (parts of) the Redis server, to be used in unittests. It enables a simple, cheap, in-memory, Redis replacement, with a real TCP interface. Think of it as the Redis version of net/http/httptest.

Delphi Redisclient now supports MQ

Best way in delphi to handle persistent pub/sub protocol.

Redis Weekly

A free, once–weekly e-mail round-up of Redis news, articles, tools and libraries.

ONE e-mail each Friday. Easy unsubscribe. No spam — your e-mail address is safe.