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redis weekly Issue #152
Jul 21 2016


Advanced monitoring alerts for Redis

“Who wants to keep a real-time monitoring dashboard opened all the time? Not us. We deeply believe monitoring is nothing without a good alerting system, that’s why we added alerts to Redsmin.”


How to get the connection string for Redis Cache using Azure Redis Mgmt Library

Client-Side Redis Attack PoC

"This means that if you're a developer and you have Redis running in protected mode, as your own user or root (or some other user which has write permissions to your home directory), I can still own you through your browser. I can use JavaScript to craft an HTTP POST request to port 6379 and abuse Redis commands in such a way that I can write data to an arbitrary file. I can use this to write data to your user's .inputrc file and mess with you."

Understanding database multitenancy

Not directly related to Redis but a very interesting read.

A Speed Guide To Redis Lua Scripting

What does Redis let you do with Lua? And how do you call Redis from inside Lua?


Redis on Apache Mesos, A New Framework - Dhilip Kumar S, Huawei Technologies

"Though Redis is extremely simple to install for standalone KV store, but to host redis-as-a-service in your cloud it becomes complex. Creating, administering , monitoring, clustering and metering 1000s of instance of redis server is extremely complex. Along with Mesos, a thin high performing framework exclusively written for redis will not only retain the redis’s inherent performance but also simplifies these problems to a large extent. This presentation focus on that framework and a detailed discussion on framework’s design & its future plans. A demo also demonstrate how easy it is to create 1000s of redis service instances in less than a minute using Mesos."

Code and libraries

rebridge - a transparent Javascript interface for Redis #proxy #hack

Uses JavaScript ES6 proxy underneath and a dirty hack to simulate synchronicity.
var db = Rebridge(client);

db.hello = {world: ["foo", "bar"]};
// The change will be written to the database in real time.

// Returns ["foo", "bar"]

limiter - Rate limiter for Crystal. Memory and Redis based

ndb - A fully compatible Redis protocol server based on RocksDB for persistence

But beware the README is in chinese!

play-redis: Redis Module for Play Framework

This plugin provides support for Redis using the best Java driver Jedis and the corresponding Scala wrapper Sedis. Also implements play's internal Caching interface

philote - A Redis-backed websockets server.

Philote is a minimal solution to the websockets server problem, it doesn't even do most of the work: it acts as a bridge between websockets clients such as browser JavaScript engines and a Redis instance, taking advantage of it's PubSub capabilities.

RAuth - token based authentication system build on top of Java and Redis

The general concept behind a RAuth token-based authentication system is simple. Allow users to enter their username and password in order to obtain a token which allows them to fetch a specific resource - without using their username and password. Once their token has been obtained, the user can offer the token - which offers access to a specific resource for a time period - to the remote site.

Redis Weekly

A free, once–weekly e-mail round-up of Redis news, articles, tools and libraries.

ONE e-mail each Friday. Easy unsubscribe. No spam — your e-mail address is safe.