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redis weekly Issue #169
Nov 24 2016


RedisWeekly - New homepage!

We've just rebranded our homepage 🎩. Our next step will be this newsletter design, don't hesitate to hit reply if you have any feedback 😇!

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How to configure Virtual Network support for a Premium Azure Redis Cache

"The Azure Redis Cache premium tier features include clustering, persistence, and virtual network (VNet) support. A VNet is a private network in the cloud. When an Azure Redis Cache instance is configured with a VNet, it is not publicly addressable and can only be accessed from virtual machines and applications within the VNet. This article describes how to configure virtual network support for a premium Azure Redis Cache instance."

Netflix - Distributed delay queues based on Dynomite

"Dynomite, on top of Redis, provides high availability, peer-to-peer replication and required semantics around consistency (DC_SAFE_QUORUM) for building queues in a distributed cluster."

Code and libraries

rmr - Redis Module MapReduce operations

"This is a Proof of Concept of a library, that allows redis modules to communicate with nodes in a cluster in an asynchronous way."
"The idea is to be able to scale module logic across many nodes, where a merged result is sent to the client."

salad: Asynchronous Scala Redis Client supporting Sentinel and Redis Cluster

"Salad wraps the lettuce async Java API to provide an idiomatic API for Scala applications.
Efficient serdes (serializer-deserializers) are provided to encode keys and values as plain byte-arrays or Snappy-compressed byte-arrays. CompactByteArraySerdes and SnappySerdes will also compact numeric values to the smallest possible lossless representation."

sql2redis - SQL to Redis (sql2redis)

"Sql2redis can be used to export and transform data from sql database tables to redis (storing with JSON format)."

aerodis: Use aerospike through a Redis interface

"Redis is a great product, but can be difficult to scale. Redis cluster solves some issues, but still uses one thread for each server. Aerospike is natively distributed, multi-threaded and has excellent performance.
Aerodis implements most of Redis primitives above an Aerospike Cluster."

rediSQL - RediSQL is a redis module that embeded SQLite.

"I love the agility provided by Redis, however, several times, I wished I had a little more structure in my in-memory database.
Even basic SQL is very powerful and years upon years of experience on several SQL implementation have bring us very mature product that we can now exploit with confidence.
Between all the SQL implementation, the one that best fitted the need for this module is definitely SQLite, for its velocity, portability, simplicity and capability to work in memory."

shisetsu: An RPC-like protocol on top of Redis

"Shisetsu is an RPC-like protocol on top of Redis that aims to be as simple and easy to use as possible while maintaining extensibility and configurability. The primary goal of Shisetsu is to be easy to implement in other languages without having to dive into the nitty gritty of channels, socket programming, serialization, et cetera (though of course, there's no stopping you) -- all you need is msgpack and Redis (with PubSub) support."

redis-cell - A Redis module that provides rate limiting in Redis as a single command

"A Redis module that provides rate limiting in Redis as a single command. Implements the fairly sophisticated generic cell rate algorithm (GCRA) which provides a rolling time window and doesn't depend on a background drip process.
The primitives exposed by Redis are perfect for doing work around rate limiting, but because it's not built in, it's very common for companies and organizations to implement their own rate limiting logic on top of Redis using a mixture of basic commands and Lua scripts (I've seen this at both Heroku and Stripe for example). This can often result in naive implementations that take a few tries to get right. The directive of redis-cell is to provide a language-agnostic rate limiter that's easily pluggable into many cloud architectures."

High-performance-pub-sub - Pub/sub prototype 50x faster than Redis

"This repository displays a very basic broadcasting coalescing algorithm used to minimize the amount of TCP sends performed when dealing with problems like pub/sub. The algorithm is written in C++11 and what it does in 89 milliseconds takes an equivalent Socket.IO based pub/sub implementation 4.5 minutes. That's a difference, of this particular problem size, of over 3000x in performance. This prototype has also been shown to perform more than 50x faster than Redis pub/sub for the same problem size, where Redis finished in 5 seconds."

Redis Weekly

A free, once–weekly e-mail round-up of Redis news, articles, tools and libraries.

ONE e-mail each Friday. Easy unsubscribe. No spam — your e-mail address is safe.