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redis weekly Issue #170
Dec 2 2016

On Redsmin blog

Poor man Redis client list analyzer


Manage Azure Redis Cache with Azure PowerShell

"This topic shows you how to perform common tasks such as create, update, and scale your Azure Redis Cache instances, how to regenerate access keys, and how to view information about your caches. For a complete list of Azure Redis Cache PowerShell cmdlets, see Azure Redis Cache cmdlets."

Redis + Node.js: Introduction to Caching

Code and libraries

rd_themis - Themis module for Redis database

This module provides a simple and secure way to store data in Redis via encrypting/decrypting with various Themis primitives.

reji - REdis Json Index

"Reji is the module allowing to index records consisting of JSON objects. Indexing is based on values of root level JSON object fields.It provides the following Redis commands:
REJI.CREATE - Creates single/compound unique/nonunique index for specified JSON fields
REJI.DROP - Drops index and removes all the index references
REJI.PUT - Adds a new record into Redis store and indexes it
REJI.PUTNX - Adds a new record into Redis store, indexes it or fails if data key exists (same as SETNX)
REJI.KEYS - Retrieves the list of keys associated with index record
REJI.GET - Retrieves the list of data records associated with index record
REJI.DEL - Finds and deletes a JSON record(s) by index
REJI.KDEL - Deletes a JSON record by key and removes the index reference

RedisModuleTimeSeries - Time series values aggregation in redis using redis modules api

"RedisModuleTimeSeries implements time series data aggregation in redis. The module provides two variants APIs: single aggregation and json document. The json document API is used in order to stream reports into redis, and let redis perform the ETL on the report, thus allowing the streaming pipeline to be agnostic to the data itself."

pyrecks - Computational Kernels Runtime in Python Over Redis

The basic Pyrecks runtime model allows snippets of python code (kernels) to run within an interpreter sandbox, as encapsulated work units, within Redis itself.

redis-zstd-module: Magically make your Redis data smaller with Zstandard compression

"Recently, Facebook announced an awesome new compression library called Zstandard - a next generation compression library to replace zlib/xz/7zip and friends. Not only boasting great performance, it also allows you to pre-compute a dictionary to use for compression. That allows even small keys to benefit from compression, and makes it the perfect library to use for storing compressed data in Redis. This module provides 4 new commands - two for getting and setting compressed values, and two for getting and setting compressed values using a pre-computed Zstandard dictionary."


This project is an attempt to build a graph database ontop of Redis using Redis modules, where the nodes in the graph represents entities such as a person or a place and connections such as 'visit' are made between the different entities.

redis-wavelettree - A Redis module implementing the Wavelet Tree data structure

The Wavelet Tree is a versatile data structure which provides some primitive operations over a sequence with less time and memory complexity and many useful applications has been found on top of it. See Wavelet Tree - Wikipedia for more detail and for further reference.

commentDis - Add some comments to your redis-cli scripts

  • comment guess what goes here
  • comment: a comment, duh
  • # or some text
  • ;; or like.. some unneeded redis command or whatever
  • // preferebly explain somthing..
  • /* but you can even leave this empty like so:
  • /**

Redis module for shared memory client-server communication

When your client is on the same host as redis-server, you can get much better latency than going through the TCP stack. And surely you want the best latency you can get. Redis folk know this - that's why unix socket support exists. But you can do a lot better with shared memory! There is some cost though - see the more at #Performance section below.

Redis Weekly

A free, once–weekly e-mail round-up of Redis news, articles, tools and libraries.

ONE e-mail each Friday. Easy unsubscribe. No spam — your e-mail address is safe.